With Clubs NSW 2024 Perfect Plate Competition well underway, the stage was set for Waverley Greens to host a live broadcast of 2GB’s Drive Show on Friday 24 May. Over 100 fans of the show flocked to the Club to become a live audience for host Chris O’Keefe and did not leave disappointed.

Perfect Plate ambassadors Matt Moran and Courtney Roulston arrived with much fanfare, with enthused members of the Blond Catering team posing for photos with the culinary celebrities. Matt and Courtney sampled The Ambry’s Perfect Plate entry live on air with Chris, discussed the high-calibre of entries this year and encouraged everyone to support their local club.

Sydney Roosters players Billy Smith and Jasmin Strange attended the live broadcast, posing for selfies and playing some bowls before joining Chris on stage for some rapid-fire questions about the Roosters current form and the start of the NRLW season. Both players even managed to find time to taste The Ambry’s Perfect Plate entry, the Calamarata – rating it a solid 5 out of 5 stars.

Don’t forget to support Waverley Greens by voting for The Ambry’s entry in the Perfect Plate competition.