Dear Members,

By now you would have heard that the NSW Government has extended the current lockdown by a further four weeks to Friday 27 August. While we were all hoping for better news, the restrictions are necessary to curb the outbreak of the Delta strain of COVID-19.

Note the following important updates for Members:

  • For those Members who have or will celebrate their birthday while we’re in lockdown, birthday vouchers will be extended so you can celebrate with us when we reopen.
  • The Board of Directors ratified the complimentary extension of all Memberships on account of the club closure. More information will be provided when there is clarity on the reopening date of the club.
  • Clubs NSW is working with the Government to support the vaccination rollout for the community, and working with key partners to reward those Members who get vaccinated. We will share more information on this when it becomes available.
  • Finally, the health and wellbeing of our Members and staff is incredibly important to us, and we urge everyone to continue to follow the health advice of the NSW Government: stay home, get tested and book your vaccination.

On behalf of our team, thank you for your on-going support and stay safe.

Joe Kelly,

CEO Easts Group