Easts Group | Sydney Roosters Board Changes Announced

The Easts Group | Sydney Roosters today announced the resignation of Peter Newton as a Director of both Boards.

Mr Newton has been a significant contributor to the Club’s success during his 23-year tenure as a Director.

Most recently, Mr Newton chaired the Sydney Roosters’ immensely successful 2023 Hall of Fame event and is the founding Chair of the Club’s Foundation and Heritage Committees.

“It has been an honour and a privilege to serve on the Boards of Easts Group and Sydney Roosters these last 23 years. I am immensely proud of the growth and sustained success we have achieved across all aspects of the businesses over this time,” said Mr Newton.

“I will however, continue to Chair the Sydney Roosters Foundation and Heritage Committees and I look forward to continuing to contribute to the Club’s rich history via these roles,” he added.

Easts Group | Sydney Roosters Chairman, Mr Nick Politis AM, thanked Mr Newton for his immense contribution to the organisation.

“Peter’s incredible business nous and passion has ensured that he always has the bests interests of the Club at the forefront of his mind. He has also been a wonderful friend to us all, and on behalf of my fellow Directors, I would like to thank Peter for his immeasurable contribution over his 23 years as a Director,” said Mr Politis.

With the departure of Mr Newton from the Easts Group | Sydney Roosters Boards, Mr Andrew Jolliffe will join both Boards with immediate effect.

Over the past 30 years, Mr Jolliffe has been at the helm of some of Australia’s most high profile and high performing hospitality and gaming indexed property businesses. He is currently the Chairman and Managing Director of HTL Property, the leading national brokerage and advisory company for the hotels, tourism and leisure industry.

“It brings me great pleasure to welcome Andrew to the Easts Group and Sydney Roosters Boards. His extensive experience and expertise in the hospitality sector will be a valuable skillset addition to the Board in terms of our Licensed Clubs operations which is a significant contributor to our overall Group financial prosperity,” said Mr Politis.

“Just as importantly, he is passionate about the development of our junior league players as well as those in our Pathway Programs, and his profound commitment to success aligns perfectly with our vision for sustained success,” he added.

Mr Jolliffe is a founding director of The Sydney Roosters Foundation and will also continue in this position.